Kettle Win

Our team came together for the final WEMS race of the year. We were joined by Vesrah's Mark Junge as this is his favorite place to ride. It showed as he had the fasted overall lap of the day. The course this year was simply the fast blue loop and just over 9 miles. Ken started the day with the lead and we all were able to help during the day to end up with a 20 minute lead over 2nd place.

This is the end of my racing for the year. A year ago is also when I broke my left elbow. It has been a tough year of physical therapy, emotional pain over the ordeal and then the added pressure of the major home gut and build. All in all things have turned out quite nice. My speed on the bike was still strong once the season got going. My arm will never be straight again, yet the pain is very infrequent. We are now living in our renovated house. Life is good!

My racing goal for next year is simply to have fun with my friends.

Big thanks to our team sponsors for a great year!

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