Thunderdown in the Underdown

Another great race in the books and another crazy day! My day started early with a hour trek up to Merrill for another 12 hour team event. Thankfully the rest of the team went up the day before which allowed me to have a late arrival. I arrived by 11AM to find out the fastest lap times were 90 minutes. This is exactly what was expected as race organizer Chris Schotz has been talking all season about the length and difficulty of his course. The course was almost 100% twisty tight singletrack with continual climbs. It was a true Northern Wisconsin trail with similarities to the Ojibwe Trail in Cable, although alot more climbing. My first lap was all out and ended up as the overall second fastest lap of the day. A bit of rest while Ken and Mike took their turns and then I was up again for the night lap. Northern Wisconsin, pitch black, 100 minutes of solo racing in bear territory. Needless to say I was a bit freaked out. I did have to yell at a porcupine to get off of the trail. In the end, we came out on top with 20 minutes over 2nd place! Trophy in Wisconsin style was a 64 oz growler inscribed with race details. Next up is Kettle 10 hr!

The long time continued as we stopped for dinner and the drive home. Mike's car started have steering and rear suspension issues on the trip which kept the speed at a maximum of 55mph. Ken and I followed him slowly back to Chicago, well Ken did as I slept as usual only to arrive home at 4:15AM.

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