Blue Mound

The Team had other plans, yet I've had such a long summer with the house and need some time away unwinding with some racing, thus it was time for the roughest course in the WEMS series. The 3 hour event is all I desired after Palos as my back has been aching a bit on longer rides. 

Traditional Lemans start left the slow runner in about 12th position heading into the woods. Thrown into the tough downhill section of the course, the brakes were on as the group was getting all bunched up and nervous. A slight break down the two track and I was still in about 11th. Now the crawl, the group was killing me with their speed yet the line was not easy to get around. There was plenty of walking up the tough climb in the middle in which I ran past a few others. It was partially ok as it takes me a bit to get going. I spent the next lap riding with a guy who was right at my pace and thus we had a good lap together. He fell on a climb near the end and was new to Blue Mound and thus about done. I saw him two laps later walking a hill as I lapped him. 

I stayed steady each lap and focused on enjoying the race and staying safe. I had no idea on my position as it gets confusing when you start passing 6 and 12 hr racers. I finished up my final lap to find out I placed 2nd! Congrats to Carlos Haeckel with the win as he was flying.

I really do love Blue Mound as it is a technical course that favors my type of riding.  After my race I headed out to ride the section of the 12 hour course that they remove for the 3 hour racers. I was able to ride with Strout as he was in for 12 hours of pain. He was still going plenty fast for me after 9 hours of racing and ended up with his own 2nd place.

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