Palos Meltdown

A beautiful Sunday afternoon of racing 30 minutes from home! Quite a bit different than my '07 outcome. It was a hard race for me. My legs didn't want to turn and I kept thinking about all the things I really needed to get done at home. I was ready to leave after lap #1. The next lap wasn't much better and I almost left as I knew I was so far back. I didn't want to quit as it is so difficult to work out the time to finally get out there and then to have a race so close to home. Therefore, I pressed on with a new attitude, yet lap #3 was my slowest yet. Finally, lap #4, 24 miles in and my mind and legs started working. Big ringing, passing other riders and enjoying the ride. The result was 20th overall, not great, yet I'll take it at this point.

The rest of the weekend was alot of fun. Friday night High School Football game as Drake is playing the sousaphone for the Marching Band, Saturday afternoon at the Sandwich Fair with the boys and then off to my twin uncles 50th birthday party. 

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