Stump Farm 12 Hour

Team Vesrah Brakes headed up to Green Bay on Saturday for more WEMS action. I left my house at 4:45AM and arrived back home at 1:15AM the following day. Laney and Peet started the first two legs of the race while Melville and myself were driving up. We did our first two laps and were already 7 minutes behind the leaders. Our team was riding fairly well, yet the competition was going to be tough to beat. We beat the team last year and they wanted revenge. They got it as we ended up second and a full lap back. Regardless, we had a great time racing and challenging each other for the fastest team lap times. I ended up with the fastest by 1 second over Ken. The picture is the secret to my success, sleep between laps. In my defense, it was an early morning.

I had my first mechanical over the past two years racing with the team. I noticed on my second lap that my seat was loose. After my nap I tightended it, yet it really didn't need it. I was still a bit sleepy and thus didn't think much about it. About midway through the thired lap I noticed my seat flexing back and forth as I leaned. No time to stop as lap times are important so I kept racing. Five minutes from the each as I hit a bump in the fire road, the seat and partial post go bouncing down the trail. I whip around, pick them up and then race the remainder of the lap standing up. Legs were sure tired by the time I ended the lap. Easton EC 90 Carbon post snapped right at the frame. Hoping for the warranty! I finished up my day doing two more laps on Peet's Trek Fuel EX 9.8. Very plush!

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