This week was my final Physical Therapy appointment and my final Orthopedist appt, at least until I get the hardware out sometime after October. I still don't have full range of motion on the arm. I am supposed to keep working on it by myself and using the Dynasplint until Memorial Day. I've been informed that the extension could get a little better, but in reality it looks like my loss is permanent. It is still hard to take 6 months later knowing that I was injured by someone else. I've come into contact with many others recently that have serious permanent injuries caused by someone else. I could my blessings that it wasn't worse.

I ride alone on the road... I still can't take the risk of riding in a group. This weekend had some great weather and thus I enjoyed two rides totaling 85 miles. The winds were strong which made for some tough solo pushes, yet it is getting me ready for race season as you don't draft in the woods.

It was also the end of Spring Break for the boys. We didn't go anywhere this year as Glynnis is in grad school, I've been swamped with some work and we're trying to figure out what to do with our second home. So far the home is being gutted in order to remodel and prepare for us to move in. We were going to tear down and build new, yet the risk is getting to be more than I was to deal with in the present market. The boys and I did get out this afternoon for 9 holes of golf which was relaxing and encouraging as the elbow performed much better than anticipated.

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