Working the Plan

Biking Tough weekend with the rain and cold weather. Ken and I headed out on Sunday afternoon for a few hours. It is never an easy ride with him and the first time I've tried to hit it hard since the accident. The mind and body had a tough time with the efforts and finally had to say to myself to simply enjoy the fact that you're out again and ride my own ride. First race is less than 3 weeks away. New grass roots team sponsored Fisher 29er is coming my way. Let's roll!

Housing We hope to be moving in soon... The house gut process is coming along nicely. An old house of plaster is painful to gut, yet I'm grateful I'm doing very little of it. It is nice making plans and having others act them out. The kids are staying far from this project and are happy to be busy with other things. Any predictions on when it will be ready?
Family Mother in law gave us a scare last night with a rush to the hospital. Many prayers and hours later she is doing better and still being evaluated. Initially sounded like a stroke, yet that has been ruled out. Prayers needed to help determine her ailments and the best way to be treated.

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