Singletrack finally ridden

I headed out to find some trails this afternoon. I hit the road strong for an hour to arrive at Saw Wee Kee Park. I was not disappointed as the trails were rideable. I spent a half hour winding up down and around singletrack through the unique elevations in the park. It was quite refreshing to finally be offroad again. I then spent 1.5 hrs heading back home as it was into the wind the entire route. Three hours in the saddle felt pretty good today. I think I might just get rid of the road bike as the MTB is all I need to get my fix. The arm did fairly well with the various pulls that it took while cranking up and down the hills. The back still feels a bit strange, yet it really hasn't had the bike strains in 6 months. I will have it checked out on Monday when I go in for hopefully my final PT appointment on my arm!

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spicyride said...

wow, so lucky to have found rideable dirt! very cool.