Surgery #2 complete

I'm back home and recovering after a successful surgery. The Ulnar nerve has been relocated from the rear of the elbow to the front. While under, the surgeon performed some manual manipulation on the elbow. He informed me later that there was quite a bit of popping as they were working through the motions. He says that I heal quickly and the scar tissue is what was making the popping noise. Originally I was supposed to keep my arm immobile for the next 10 to 14 days, yet not he wants it to get moving ASAP so that the range of motion can be maintained as the scar tissue attempts to form again. I'm feeling fairly well today and actually had a great nights sleep. No pain meds were needed once I left the hospital which is encouraging. I did have some nice pain as I worked through the range of motion earlier today. Some more icing and relaxing is in order. I also took the dog out for a nice walk in snowy KK woods today which shows I've feeling quite good.
Pre and Post Surgery pics here.

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