Vesrah Wins War at Blue Mound by Attrition

The war will usually be won by the side with greater reserves and resources. This summed up the battle that took place at Blue Mound. The course was the most brutal of any midwest races courses I've seen to date. You've gotta love rocks, roots, climbs and more rocks to do well here. Laney broke his new Top Fuel frame on Lap #1 and ran the final three miles to the finish, 2nd place team broke a frame on Lap #1, Ken encountered numerous flats due to a dented Rim on Lap #2, we all battled mind games, yet pushed to the end. Mike Peet joined the team for the first time this season and rode steady throughout the race. At 8 hours into the race, we were down by 29 minutes. This was mentally wearing on us as we've usually lead all races from lap #1. I was severely doubting our chances and was settling for 2nd place, yet Ken and Mike had the faith to push hard to the end knowing that anything can happen. Within two laps of myself and Ken on the course and the other team's major mistake of having a guy go two laps in a row due to the large gap they had, we snuck up on them and were now only 2 minutes back. Laney pushed hard on the next lap to up our lead to 6 minutes and I finished up the race pushing our lead up to 14 minutes. This victory was the hardest and sweetest of the season!

Many family members of the team were also enjoying the day with us which made the win even better. The wives and kids all enjoyed themselves and were in for all of the excitement. My oldest son also enjoyed the drama and I'm thrilled he was there to see his Dad rip the overall fastest lap of the day at 51:56. As the boys say, I'm fast for an old guy.

Pics here. Official results here.
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spicyride said...

wow! i didn't realize your race was that exciting! congrats, that is so cool. now i know when i tried to get your attn before going on that last lap failed... i wanted to tell you i have a sid carbon with pure delight for drew.

Chris said...

Dude, I owe you big-time for that last lap -- when you caught me with two sections to go, I thought you were the guy behind me in the solo race. That lit a fire under me -- those two sections were the best I raced all day, and I closed within a minute of the guy in front of me. Great job out there, and see you next time!