The Best Team

My best ride this weekend consisted of hooking up with the McCrimmon team! We decided on a nice ride through the singletrack at Knoch Knolls. It is encouraging to see how the boys are getting better and faster as they grow. I'd ride ahead to take some pics, yet by the time I stopped and pulled out the camera, they were there. My wife was a trooper to hook up with us as she had already done a 9 mile run earlier in the day. The logs in the middle section were rough on her, yet she had a great attitude and kept going. It is always good to hangout with the family and especially so as they are enjoying something that you enjoy. Pics are here.

In other weekend training, I hooked up with Laney on Friday for a couple hours at Palos action and then with Ken, Mike and Matt for a 5:30AM road ride on Sunday for a few hours. I surely didn't want the early hour, yet it is good to push the body to ride at odd times as the 24-9 is quickly approaching.
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