Riding with the boys

The boys and I had a nice 20 miler tonight as we rode our bikes to Church and back. We hit some singletrack, prarie path and pavement in the outing as well as coming home in the dark without a light. We arrived back home around 10PM. We were preparing to come home about 9pm, so I pulled out the NiteRider out of the Hawg only to find out that the cable to connect the battery to the light was missing. At least I had a flashing tail light. We headed home through the woods and hit sidewalks whenever it was risky. Thankfully, very few cars were on our route. The cable was found on the garage floor where I piled up everything that was to go in the Hawg.
My legs are a bit spent due to road ride Monday, road ride Tuesday night on the MTB with the Naperville Bike Club on their Blur ride, Wednesday 5:15 AM road ride with teammate Ken and Mike and another 20 miler Wednesday evening with the boys.
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