Team Vesrah Brakes Wins Round 2

WEMS race #2 a John Muir is now in the history books. A change to our lineup with the addition of Neil Swanson majorly helped us end up with a 14 minute lead over 2nd place. The 10.8 mile laps were mainly singletrack for the 12 hour teams, which was quite a bit different than New Fane, yet more to our liking and reason we ride. The 3 and 6 hr teams ran a short course which kept the congestion down until the later part of our lap, yet they also missed most of the fun. Ken, Mike and myself had our new Top Fuel debut which stirred up some talk. The rear 3.5" travel on a light race rig was perfect for the course. Racine Cyclery came through with some new race jerserys. Vesrah pads provided effecient single finger stoppage all day. Enjoy the other pics.
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mountaingoat said...

Nice racing, Good pics. You guys doing 24/9 I'm assuming?

mzzm said...

Absolutely! This is all training and prep for the big event. I'm assuming you'll do the team instead of the solo as the fun factor is much greater.

mountaingoat said...

Wouldn't they both be fun?