Taylor Park

Twenty Years ago I took a trip with my Dad to the mountains of Colorado. I finally made it back for a great reunion. I'm definately not the 19 year old kid I was before as my wrists and shoulders gave out after 3 days. I took one day off and went Mtn Biking in Crested Butte and then back on the Husaberg for another couple days of adventure. It was incredible to wake up to the Mountains and take a prayer walk down to the Reservoir. God surely comes alive in different ways when seeing the magnificence of his creation.

It was great to be with my Dad for a week and to see him still riding in areas many wouldn't even hike. Maybe I'll take up Golf so when my kids are 39 and I'm in my mid 60s it will be a bit easier on my body (I doubt it!). Tradition can be brutal sometimes.

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