Three of us ventured out to Fruita and Moab for a long weekend. My new toy (custom NRS2) machine came along and was greaty enjoyed.
Day #1 - Fruita - Bookcliffs - (AM Loop - Joe's Ridge to Kessel to Chutes and Ladders to Edge and back down Prime Cut, PM Loop - Zippedy, Edge, Frontline)
Day #2 - Fruita - Kokopelli (AM loop of Marys to Horsethief to Andys to Lions to Mack, PM loop up Moore Fun to Mack to Troys)
Day #3 - Moab (AM ride - Porcupine+ where the + is 6 miles of additional climbing and riding the rim prior to hooking back in with Porc trail on rim, PM ride - Slickrock)
Day #4 - Fruita - Frontline to Zippidty loop, then pack and off to the airport.
We also got to enjoy a bit of winter as we traveled back to Denver in a snow storm which delayed our flight 3 hours.

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