Winter is here

The Chicago Winter is here! It is starting to slow me down to about twice a week KK or Palos rides, yet sites like this keep me inspired to ride. That Y membership is starting to look appealing as we usually join each year in January to keep our fitness levels high.

I was able to join my pops for an offroad motorcycle ride on Thanksgiving morning. It has been way too long since I was on my bike due to some mechanical issues, yet the best part was simply being with my Dad sliding around in the mud. How many 42 year olds get to do this with their Dads! I did get a good laugh in watching him slide out around a corner and end up sprawled on the ground.

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Chris said...

Hey -- let me know if/when you're heading to Palos on the weekends -- I LOVE riding out there when it's packed snow. Hoping this rain isn't going to kill it completely -- yesterday was awesome ...