Chicago Marathon

The wife that could! Glynnis simply loves to run. Thankfully she can. She was diagnosed with MS around 16 years ago, has pushed through various challenging exasperations requiring patience, rest, IV steroids and a trip downtown every 4 weeks to the MS Center at Rush to receive a Tysabri infusion. Her MS physician is encouraging her to continue running. She has refused to stop doing the things she loves. She ran for HOPE Worldwide this year, a great charity. 

Dad, the boys and I headed down to encourage her along the latter part of the race. We parked just south of 35th street, checked the times being reported at the local McDonalds and determined we would have about 50 minutes until she hit Chinatown.

Therefore, we hit the side roads and alleys and worked our way to Chinatown. Brian Sisler come through full of inspiration. We found some Chinese treats while we waited on Glynnis. The boys loved Chinatown! She came through a bit behind her goal, yet looking refreshed and strong for the remaining six miles. We headed up towards mile 25 and waited as Glynnis came through with Charlie Reitz. After reuniting at the finish, we enjoyed a long ride down the lakeshore to 31st and on to the car, drove back to the finish to pickup our Winner and then back home. A great day! 


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