18 Week Update

We had a great Saturday with Grandma Mc. 87 years old and full of surprises. An afternoon and evening of socializing, dinner @ Islamorada Fish Company and games. Truly a great time with a great lady.

As far as the arm goes, I went to the Ortho today in which the stitches have been removed and I'm back with Therapy for another month. We are still working hard to get the full range of motion. Worst case now will be the removal of scar tissue when they remove the plate and screws after the one year point. The hand strength is coming back quickly. The numbness is also fading by the day which means the latest surgery was a huge success.

I've been itching to get the HR going again and finally jumped into a spin class last night for an hour. I'm officially starting my training now and really looking forward to a Spring of training along with my therapy.

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surfdad said...


I was blown away by the similarity of our injuries. We have been going through almost the very same thing. I hate to say it but it made me feel better that I wasn't the only person going through the pain and suffering. I am going to add your blog to my favorites so I can keep an eye on your progress. All I have to say is go to PT. It hurts more than anything but they are there to help you. I love my PT but at the same time I hate for all the pain she has put me through. As you know, its all for our own good. When I saw the picture of right after your accident, I noticed we broke the same left elbow and the ER wrapped my arm exactly the same. did you have a half cast/splint under the ace bandages? Thats what i had.

well, thanks for posting on my thread, I appreciated hearing your comments and although we both are somewhat screwed right now, we will look back at this time in the future and be fine. the elbow will just be a story to tell.

good luck and keep in touch.


aka surfdad