14 Week Update

The arm is improving daily, yet not without a lot of time, pain and patience. Two hours of work today on it at the PT’s office alone. I’m still swimming, stretching, heating and icing which makes the time commitment similar to preparing for endurance races. The PT cranked on the arm today with measurements of 170 degrees extension and 40 degrees flexion. This means 5 more degrees on each to match the right arm. This is extremely encouraging as the range of motion is nearly full range. It will still take some time before it moves freely through the whole range. We’ve also been working on the strength of the hand due to the nerve issues and am still waiting on an appt with the Ortho this Thursday to discuss the EMG and if surgery will be needed.

The Vesrah team announced the race schedule for the year and thus I’ve updated my 08 race list. At this point it is simply a hope that I can compete and enjoy doing something I love.

We are off to Phoenix for four days of friends, fun and sun this weekend. It’ll be nice to get a break from the weather. We’ll be hiking each day and I may even get out on a MTB for a ride or two.


Chris said...

Hey, have fun in Phoenix! Where do you ride when you're there?

mzzm said...

This time will probably be Hawes as it is a bit smoother and thus easier on the arm, yet I'd like to see how I'd also do as South Mtn.

I've ridden most everything in Phx, some in Tuscon, alot in Sedona and almost everything in Flagstaff as the state has been a favorite of ours. We lived there for 4 months, vacationed there 5 times as a family and attended two Spring Fling events which I may also attend this year.