13 Week Update

The picture is a bit strange, yet the stretching does wonders for the Ulnar nerve. I'm following the PT's directions in order to get my arm back! I'm now at 165 degrees extension which means only 10 more to go. This is very encouraging as it has been a tough road to get to this point. The flexion needs more work as it is now at 55 degrees, yet we are presently focusing mostly on extension and hand strength. I have my EMG this Wednesday and am praying for some good news from the neurologist. The week was a bit rough as i hurt my back wrestling my 14 year old son that is almost as big as I am. This on top of some sinus issues, the elbow and the cold weather don't bring alot of encouragement. Setting your mind on things above makes all the difference, especially during these rough times. I also hit the hot tub and pool alot this week with up to 3/4 mile swims.

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