Cast if off!

The picture amazes and discourages me as I think about all of that hardware within my arm. Also, you think the doc would've done a beteter job attaching the plate to the bone. I guess there is a purpose to it. I'm just excited to finally get some use out of my left hands again as it is rough developing software with one hand.

The recovery road is still a long one. Doc says the next month I am to focus on flexibility without any attempts of strength. Therapy should start soon and I better get this thing extended soon. The scar on the arm is terrible and part of it looks like I could simply peel it open. Anyway, taking the good and the bad.

The crashed road bike is now setup on the trainer in the basement, although I've only ridden it for 5 minutes due to the pressure on the arm. Front wheel is a rim taken off of a MTB for now. Craziness...

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