Team Wins again to wrap up series

The team hit up Stump Farm last Saturday for our final WEMS race of the season. Thankfully, we've won every race thus far and wanted to wrap up the season in style. You never know what you'll get with the WEMS 12 hour teams. Sometimes there are quite a few teams and other times things are a bit slim. This was one of the slim times, yet still fun as they kept us pushing through the final lap. We always have a good time as a team pushing one another to do better and racing for lap times. This was an exceptional day for me as my lap times were consistently low throughout the day. A big part was the guys on the team telling me that I'm old.

I did have to apologize to the race officials, another rider and the team as I couldn't control myself coming into the timing chute and caused a bit of frustration for them and a slower rider ahead of me. The rules state you can't pass in the timing chute, yet I had my fastest lap of the day and was racing for the timer and a slower rider in front of me was simply taking his time. Their timing system required that you pull a pvc pipe with a bar code out of your jersey and run it through their scanner. As you can imagine, this can cause a delay.

Pics are here, Results here.
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