Family Time

It was time to enjoy some time with the family prior to the boys heading back to school. We made a last minute choice to head up to the Telemark Resort up in Cable for four days of adventure. We hiked up to the top of Mt Telemark the first night for a family devotional overlooking the surrounding areas. I was hit hard by some allergies and fell asleep on the couch while the family played games. After 12 hours of sleep, it was time to give to the family. The boys and I rode the Esker trail while Mom ran, crazy woman! This trail wiped out Drew as there were alot of climbs. Drake complained a bit about the number of rocks. We ate lunch and Drew and I headed out for 9 holes of Golf at Tahkoadah Hills. It was a simple and cheap course to get us warmed up. We all played Monopoly late into the night. The next day we headed out on the Ojibwe trail, the boys and I riding while Mom running again. I took Drew back after a while and was able to enjoy some fast sections catching back up to the other two. The entire family golfed in the afternoon at Teal Wing. This was an incredible course and perfect for the family as it was misting and only a few people were out. More games late into the night. The final day, Glynnis and I went out on the Ojibwe and Sleigh trails for another 1.5 hr run/ride while the boys rested. The afternoon was spent boating, skiing and tubing on Lake Namakagon before heading home late into the night. We all had a great time bonding further and ending the summer right. Pics are here.

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