Blog dead? Maybe as technology shifts focus to other apps. Regardless, it it has been an exciting late Spring, Summer and now early Fall since my last update. Here is a summary:

  • Completed WEMS Series again (good time w/ Ken & Mike)
  • Retired as kids are now Teens - I'm now having a great time riding locally
  • Drake was baptized Sept 12th
  • Glynnis and I celebrated 20 years of Marriage
  • Grandma Mc celebrated her 90th birthday
  • Drew and I went to Seabase (pics here)
  • Drake turned 16 Oct 4th
  • Glynnis and I went to Kauai for two weeks to celebrate our 20 years
  • DevWerx is focusing solely on Commerce Server 2009 projects
  • Clients this year include Joyce Meyer Ministries, HardRock Cafe and DirectBuy
  • We've enjoyed our renovation for now a year, improvements this year include:
  1. Paint the Brick exterior
  2. Create a Teen Room, 1/2 Bath and Office in the Basement
  3. Epoxy the Garage
  4. Seal the large driveway
  5. Remove detached Garage

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