Levis Trow - Good family time

This weekend was a great time for the entire Vesrah team as we raced and our families camp along to make it a great family weekend. Camping, cabins or hotel rooms for the families. We enjoyed a small cabin on Saturday night which provided some tough Hearts competition followed by four tired racers, runners and riders.

The race course was the best we've come across with lots of singletrack, climbing and descending. They even routed the course along Toad Road this year. We had some tougher competition along with a flat and a crash that provided us with third place. Our first non win over the last two years. Hopefully this isn't the direction that will continue.

The kids race was another story as they made up the difference. Vesrah shirts and fast kids provided a win in almost every category and many smiles among the parents.

Glynnis needed a long running weekend for her Marathon training and loves to run in the woods. She was hooked with trail running after our Cable vacation last summer. Therefore, while we were racing, she and our boys were out running any trail they could find that we weren't on as well as a few we were on. Two and a half hours later they finally made it back to our truck with many stories and laughter.

We made a long weekend out of the event as life has been a bit busy lately and needed to get some good family time. On Sunday, we enjoyed our own Church service in the cabin and then headed back to Levis Trow for further adventuring. Glynnis wanted to run more, I wanted to ride more and the kids, well, they were good sports and came along. We worked our way up to Northface which we climbed and then played around on Toad Road. We left the boys up top as they wanted to enjoy the views and simply be boys while we continued our run/ride. We worked our way up the Hermosas (many nice climbs) and did a few loops of Sidewinder. That was a real treat as I hadn't ridden that before. Glynnis freaked out a bit due to the exposure and did a slow loop while I did my few. We seperated and I worked the race course back to find the boys up at Toad Road. They did excellent coming down Northface which was a pleasure to watch. They then went off to find the truck and lunch while I went searching for Glynnis. It ended up being around two and half hours of running for her and she was all smiles. That is a real mini vacation, lots of outdoor adventuring with friend and family!

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