Team Vesrah Brakes came through with a big win! 24-9! Endurance racing at its best. The Vesrah team along with Mike Kelsall of the D'Arcy team were ready to give it our best. My Dad offered his support services in a major way for the weekend with his van, camper, driving, videography and encouragement. Videos will be coming soon… We arrived at the venue around 9:30, setup camp, signed up, hung out with the Junge group and headed for bed. Kelsall headed for the van to avoid the snoring. Come on, McCrimmons don’t snore!

Race time! Ken is our chosen runner for the ½ mile run placing us near the front of the pack at the end of the run. He held on tough for the first lap, yet the open course for ¾ of the initial lap gave the roadie types an advantage. Kelsall was up, he has been doubtful he is ready to race due to the limited number of events he has done this year, yet put in our teams top lap of the event and then continued to be consistent the rest of the race. My turn, I’m ready to go and hit it hard while noticing the legs started giving me the hurt right off the back. The demons of the previous WEMS race come back quickly while the open course also provided some discouragement, yet I was able to put in my top lap of the day. Laney was up and off putting in a great lap. He crashed on either his 1st or 2nd lap while trying to get around someone. He ended up twisting his fork and needing a replacement during his pit. Our lightest guy does the most damage again! The rest of the race was pretty standard with slightly increased lap times, mentally draining laps throughout the night, attempts of sleep between rides, various food intake and the desire for it to be over. Above all, we held it together, rode consistent and smart to pull off a great win for Team Vesrah Brakes.

Recovery and next steps! Who knows, I’m still recovering and have needed a break from the bike as I’ve been on it all year. These past few races were mentally tough on me. Next week I’ll get going again as we’ve got a couple more WEMS races to finish up the season on top. This week is recovery and enjoying time with my wife as the kids are away at camps.

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mountaingoat said...

Nice job out there.

spicyride said...

awesome! sorry i missed you.