Sign from Above

I was about 45 minutes away from home on my way to the Wors race at Lake Geneva when the skies opened up. I finally decided that it wasn't meant to be. I tried all week to make it happen, yet with mishaps in parts, time management, priorities, it was finally time to give in and see the writing on the wall. Sometimes we push so hard to make our will work, yet there is a time to listen and realize when it isn't God's will. Therefore, I headed home, surprised the family and greatly encouraged my wife followed by my own small race in KK. A phone call a few hours later from a D'Arcy member informed me that the decision to turn around was a great one as it was a mud fest. Now, I do like mud as can be seen in a previous post and generally can get much higher in the rankings when the conditions are bad, yet all that hard work in setting up the new bike to race would've been a discouraging site to see. Interestly, I grabbed the radar snapshot near the beginning of the race and noticed that the entire midwest was clear of storms, except for the race area. The tail end of the storm left the race area at the end of the race I was to be in. Therefore, I believe it was truly a Sign from Above.
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