Diadora review and training update

How about a review on a 11 year old pair of shoes? Everyone notices my shoes and can't believe I don't replace them. Is he cheap? Well, yes, but in reality they have been an excellent pair of shoes and my only MTB shoes since living in Dallas 11 years ago. It is time for an update and I've been looking at one replacement brand, Diadora which might last me for another 10 years. These shoes have seen MTBing in about half of the US!

The weekend training was strong with a hookup with Frank and Mike of D'Arcy on Saturday for some fun with the fast Sat AM Naperville ride. Hitting is quite hard for most of the 57 mile ride with a top heart rate of 194 while getting dropped from the front group.

The recovery ride on Sunday afternoon was with Mike and Ken of the new Vesrah team which turned into another 2.5 hour hard ride with a top HR of 187. I promise my body that tomorrow will be the recovery.

Note that the Diadora's have also been my road training shoes. I guess it is time to get some read road shoes also!
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