18 and still going...

18 degrees and still going. Am I really a 40 year old kid who won't grow up? The training and fun must continue with whatever weather Chicago may receive. After two days this week in spin class, it was time to get back outside and ride. The loop through Knoch Knolls was rideable this time. Extended riding around town was in order to get in a 1 3/4hr ride.

On the techie side, check out Google Apps for your domain. What a great way to have an extranet, email, calendar for your company. My company is now leveraging it.

Joel was my inspiring book of the week as he was a minor prophet during the reign of Jehoash. It may seem as if things were going well, yet the people were a bit clueless. I must question myself how often I'm in a cloud believing that I'm on the right track, when in reality I need to continue to return to God.

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