Winter Park - Spring Break with Family

Spring Brak was upon us and we were off to Michigan for a three day weekend. Three days prior an incredible opportunity came up for Winter Park, CO. We loaded up the vehicle and headed out. The boys have only skied in the Midwest so this was going to be a real treat. Glynnis hates the snow so it was going to be a real bummer for her. She still had a good week (not great since it wasn't at the beach on Spring Break) and enjoyed some good inside workouts and a time of relaxing. The boys and I got very little rest as we skied 4 out of 7 days. First day was from opening to close. It was in the mid 20s with strong winds. We actually came down the Mtn in a whiteout on our final run with fear of never finding out way. It was the worst storm I have ever been involved in. Colorado continues to live up to its unpredictable weather for me. The second day skiing was in the 50s and we skiied in our Fleece jackets. Sun was shining and we were loving it. Now this is Spring Break. Red Heads and Sun do not mix so it was a day our family will never forget. We neglected to use sunscreen and the boys were literally fried. Their faces are finally back to normal but some of the freckles are gone due to the loss of several layers of skin. Drew also thought he'd be a snowboarder on the second ski day as he'd done this a few times in Wisconsin. He had forgotten how hard it was and spent a few days complaining of all the aches and pains he had. The third day was a winner as the weather was in the mid 40s and we had sunscreen and the boys faces covered. This day was the first day that the Bowl was open so they got to go over 12,000 feet on skis. We skied and took video from 12,000 down to 9,000 feet. What a run! They left early that day to avoid the sun. I spent the final three hours attempting to hit it hard with some harder expert runs. I finally settled down realizing the kids hadn't slowed me down at all and their pace was perfect. My lefts were burning and I could hardly lift them up by the last hour. The final day we skied only 4 hours before getting back in the vehicle and heading home. It was another success and lots of fun chasing the kids through the trees.

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